So I made a bunch of charms, and some beads, but my step dad Left the camera up north in his jeep soooo I need to wait till he gets it back before I can show you guys the new stuff I made x.x... whoops..

Some charms to look foreward to seeing when I get the camera back-

-Pyramid head (from silent hill)
- Fiddler crabs (in rememberance of my pet King clawson)
-Doughnuts (with glitter sprinkles =3)
-Plate of pancakes
-Plate with steak and mashed potatoes

-french fries
-hot dogs

And even some colored beads-
I've been busy lol-
and as always if you have ideas for what charms I could make for you please email me <3


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    seo cz (Monday, 23 January 2012 23:47)

    Nice one info, thx