Okay so I've been a bit lazy the past week or so and for that I apologize- things happened and I had alotta stuff to do so I'll be getting to work on making more Charms and things soon- Also I now have a links and affilates page- if you would like to be a link and/or affiliate please email me and send me a small banner for your site along with some info- I'll make some banners soon-

Also if you would like to be added to the mailing list (So I can email you when the site updates with new things) please email me also and add "mailing list" as the subject

New charms to look foreward to that I'll try to make-

Christmas themed ones
-Christmas tree cookies
-Bag of toys
-candy canes

Easter themed ones

-easter eggs
-baskets with eggs in them


-bowl of ramen
-fortune cookies
-Other fruits and veggies (tomatoes, beans, apples, oranges etc)
-Japanese cone candy


-lucky cat
-black cat

Hello kitty chars

Hello kitty
-The other chars (I'll have to look them up)



As always if you have Ideas for me please dont hesitate to email me and let me know!


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