Still on pause-- Charm SALE

Like I mentioned things are still in the works and believe me I'm working hard =3 but I have some lower prices on charms for you to check out- Things are still on pause (as Im still up north visiting) and I'm working on new charms- some of the ones I had on the site before now have lower prices. and those ones are:

Gameboys- they're now $5.00 each

Pumpkins are now $4.00 each

Octopus are now $3.00 each

Fiddler crabs are now $5.00 each

Mushrooms are now $3.00 each

Ladybugs are now $3.00 each

white sheep are now $5.00 each

black sheep are also $5.00 each

Snails are now $3.50 each

pancakes are now $4.00 each

Tacos are now $3.00 each

burritos are now $3.00 each

steak and potatoes now $3.00 each

those are all the charms on sale- Keep an eye out for new ones coming soon !!

Have a great day!

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