New pages and happy easter!

Happy easter everyone!! And for those of you who dont celebrate it Have a good day anyway!

dont eat too much candy! *munches on peeps* OMnomnomnom!

Anyway I have a few updates for you- nothing big- If you look up at the navigation bar at the top there you'll see two new pages! Sculptures and Rules-

I made bowser for my brother for his birthday (which is today) and I figured I could try to make other things for other people (but you guys gotta pay me lol)- so yea- Scultpures! but make sure you read the rules before you ask me to make you something!

I figured it was about time I put up some rules on this site XD

AS well as a new page for Cardboxes! These are drawn by one of my best friends and are a perfect and TOTALLY awesome place to store your trading cards- Go check them out!

Also dont forget about the last couple updates of new charms!

Update 1     update 2

thats all for now!


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