First day at the market-

Theres not alot to report- IT was our first day at the farmers market- We didnt do too bad considering it was the first day, we did okay! and it was fun! sooooo yes!

A nice old man on Pedal bike even gave me a mint- and I get a free spinal alignment and consultation from a chiropractor! HURRAY-

Im hoping next week we do much better- especially when theres more people that know about the place- Where we're set up is really nice too! In a little fenced in area- right in heritage square in downtown zeeland ^^ and it will remain our spot for I think the whole season!

Things are still somewhat on hold, as I'm still working on things here and there- But more so because IM OUT OF CLAY! lol- Sooo I need to make more money so I can buy clay therefore make more charms to make more money.

A catch 22. *sigh* lol.

Anyway I do have some new charms- I just dont have the will to put them on the site-Im really tired- I got like... 3 hours of sleep last night XD

But heres some pictures-

If you feel interested in any of these please Email me- and we'll talk

thats all for this installment- If theres more of an update I will let you know <3

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