just to say some stuff-

Hi there! Little while no update!

I dont really have anything to show you- sorry! But I do have cool new Ideas that I really hope will go over well!

They'll just take time to make XD please be patient with me while I work!

Im going to start making clocks- for one thing- yayyyyy- Im not really sure what to do for them- I was thinking Faeries with a woodland theme, Maybe even a mario one? Animal crossing? Zodiac animals? I have a few ideas I guess its just excuting them that will be the problem.

Im also going to be making trinket boxes- at the moment in my mind I want to make an Animal crossing one- With Tom nook and his nooks cranny store where you can take the roof off and hide things in it ^^ and quite possibly some others too-

Im going to make some things in bottles necklaces- like embryos, and squids and things- and they'll glow in the dark- Im gonna work on making earrings and things- Im going to try to go all out here- so I really hope you all stick around! I can only do what I can do right?

In anycase the farmers market is more fun than profitable- and people really seem to like the alley cats- thats mostly what I've sold- and thats fine- at least its something-

However, though I want to make money- I think the better thing is the people I meet and talk to while Im there- and of course the time I get to spend with my best friend crystal, and Katy when shes there, as well as my own mom when she keeps me company. Its very fun and every time Its time to leave I dont really want to do it-

haha Im such a sap.

I might also be putting some of my things in the store- Something special gifts 

Im supposed to go in and talk to them today- And if it goes well I'll have to work my ass off to make things to go there too!

But its the funnest job I've ever had (besides working at Alley cat bead- that ones still number one- for many many reasons) So I dont have much room to complain- I just wish I made more money doing it. Ah well- ^^

Oh! I also redid the doughnut charms, and I do have some more charms to take pictures of and add- but I havent gotten the chance- We've been busy with family problems and friends, so I havent had much of a chance to work. I hope to get back to it here soon.

I also need to add the bios for the new alley cats.... Im so lazy-


Please dont forget to tell these people happy birthday!

- July 5th
Crystal- July 10th
ME!- July 13th

LOL yay! Im actually planning to use my birthday money to try to buy more supplies so I can make more things-

I guess thats all- I should really get back to work ^^
OH! and have a great 4th of july weekend!


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