Unintentional slacking-

I AM MORE THAN SORRY for the lack of updates lately- I have been busy- and unable to work on things because of a commandeered table and a sick grandfather, issues with pets, issues with other pets, family issues- its been sorta busy.. lol. But I have good news- I UPDATED!


anyway its not really much and its kind of a lazy update- but I've spent over 6 hours working on inventory and this update- so I think it can be a little lazy right? Anyway! heres whats new!

Theres some new jewelry for one!

theres some shark teeth earrings, and even some pendants that I wirewrapped myself! Im still an ametuer- but at least im trying right?

I also figured that since I had so many charms that I would make some jewelry out of them too-

so we have updates in the jewerly area under the ones made with my charms, we have new earrings, and a few bracelets ^^

It might not seem like alot to you- but it was alotta work for me lol.

also Im sorry for the lack of pictures this update- they're mostly in photo galleries, and I dont want to use up a ton of my bandwith this time ^^

So please enjoy my update and I hope to update with more soon!
and of course if theres any issues/questions/problems and the like feel free to email me.

till next time!

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