Vacation over- Im back ^^

Hey folks- Im back from my vacation and man was it a good one! Mackinac island is awesome.

Now for some updates- I dont have much sadly- but there are some new pages-

1. the sale Items area! Where I'll put charms and alley cats and sculptures or anything else that I dont feel is up to standard and so you can have them at a discount.

2. The Deviantart group for kawaii-mie! join it if you'd like- !

3. A friend of mine is making a Flash catalogue of all the stuff on the site- make it easier to browse! Are you as excited as I am??

4. Im working on another site for my grandfather- Its still under construction though.

in anycase- theres the updates- Im working on more charms and more sculptures. and I need to make more alley cats ^^ busy busy!!

Till next time!

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    Antonello (Friday, 28 September 2012 05:18)

    Thank you for information