Oh gawd

Im so sorry for the lack of updates I really am- I've been so busy. x.x

as mentioned in the blog before this, thanks to my wonderous friend :iconunit1000: we have a flash catalogue of my stuff- and other things- but Im TRYING to find new revenues for a catalogue sort of thing- like maybe Microsoft powerpoint? However my trial of it is out- so Im trying to get the full version somehow-

Lol also he keeps spelling my username and my site name wrong- Silly Unit <3 He's also working on a better version of the catalogue. Im so far very pleased with his work ethic- and Very grateful that he's helping me <3

Not only that I've been busy working on things for the craft market- the people I meet there always give me extra chores to do for them- For example as payment for a cupcake seller who gave me free cupcakes Im making her some cupcake earrings and stuff. Get the idea? yea thats been happening. lol. Im not trying to sound like Im complaining however.

AND I've been working on making my grandpas website for him- Man is THAT work in itself!! augh- I never claimed to be any good at designing websites but I think Im doing okay so far! see? [link]

So I've been working and doing and going and making and OH I'm also working on Rearranging my room- so theres MORE business added to my schedule.

but its worth it.

I love it ^^

So yea- thats why there arent many updates- but I hope to have some soon!

OH And also theres some new links in the Links and affilates!

Till next time!

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    Vitek (Thursday, 10 November 2011 18:31)

    Can I post your post to my wordpress blog? I’ll add a one-way link to your forum. That’s one actually nice post.

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    výměna odkazů (Monday, 23 January 2012 19:54)

    Nice one info, thx