Still under construction- but heres an update!

Though you may not have noticed much- theres ALOT of behind the scenes work going on on kawaii-Mie. Code being written, Ideas being hatched from little idea eggs, Artwork being drawn, Images of products being taken better, A new store, new pages, old pages being taken down etc etc.

And we are working hard !

By "WE" I mean me and my lovely friends





Without these guys and the support of my other friends I wouldnt be anywhere with this! so thanks guys! Kawaii-Mie isnt Kawaii-Mie without you!

So anyway back to the journal- We are still UNDER CONSTRUCTION-

but Im debating over whether I want to change the color scheme of the site- I rather like it... I might just add onto it and make different images, change a few things and then keep it mostly the same- again Im not sure- website layout changes is one of the last things on my list at the moment.

I did finish the vet clinic- (mostly, I may want to add more at some point, but by all accounts it IS DONE)

Added some drawings and a link to the new store (isnt open yet) and Im doing commissions on the side as well. Busy busy! Yet i STILL find time for minecraft and Roleplay- how DO I do it?


Anyway Heres a list of things accomplished and YET To be accomplished! (will add more when more come up)

~Finish Vet clinic --DONE
~Add store picture link --DONE
~Put all the Products in new store --50% done
~Replace all the Pictures of the products with better ones --- 0% done
~Add more pages--- 25% done
~Take away pages ---~75% done
~Make a crew list page--DONE
~Work on more items and Ideas for the store.--- Uhhm? 20% done I guess lol.
~More items to put in Adleug --- 0% done- no time right now!

So as you can see we are busy busy!
I'll keep you posted!

and thank you for your patience with us!


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